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Dear Neighbors,

Judy here! I’m a wife of a self-employed small business owner and a career mom with two young boys. A certified drug & alcohol counselor and community advocate with over 18 years of experience. My family lineage reaches back 7 generations in Susquehanna County. My Mom was the Director of Nursing at Barnes-Kasson Hospital for more than 20 years, my Dad is a local historian and photographer. Our family’s military service begins with the Revolutionary War and runs through present day. Giving back to our community and our country has always been a priority in my family. This is why I’m running for U.S. Congress in 2018 for the 12th district of Pennsylvania.

I believe it’s important that our community is heard and represented in Washington. Which today, many folks in the 12th feel they are left on the sidelines. Others are fearful of the polarization that has developed between our two political parties.

Through honesty, fairness, open communication and hard work, I believe we can begin to heal the divide between our government and our communities.

I will continue to work within our community, representing and advocating for justice with integrity and compassion. Along with your help, we can make a difference. That is why I, Judy Herschel am for you, with you!

I look forward to talking with you and seeing you around the 12th district.

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