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Health care is a basic human right and EVERY AMERICAN should have access to quality affordable healthcare. We must prioritize our veterans, seniors, individuals with disabilities–all must have access to the care they need. Every child in America should be able to go to the doctor when they are sick. I will fight tirelessly to expand access for individuals who suffer from substance use and mental health disorders.

I know firsthand how vital healthcare is to the 12th district. I will work to improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The cost of an insurance policy, co-pays, deductibles and prescription prices are too high. A lot of prescription drugs are made right here in the USA and sold to other countries for lower cost than what we pay. We must lower these costs for all Americans and we can by covering more families, continuing discussions on single-payer or Medicare-for-all.

I believe it is IMPERATIVE that pre-existing conditions, prenatal care, birth-control and preventative care are covered by all insurance providers.

I support Planned Parenthood and will fight to protect its funding as it provides quality healthcare to women and families.

Opioid Epidemic

As a certified drug & alcohol counselor, the opioid crisis in my community is personal. During the summer of 2016, I lost 8 clients within 1 month and I still think about them and everyone I have lost to this debilitating disease, every single day.

My hometown of Susquehanna Depot, like many rural communities, along with much of the 12th District have been devastated by the opioid epidemic. A ranking we cannot be proud of is where we sit in deaths from opioids. In 2015, my home of Susquehanna County was ranked 2nd per capita following only Philadelphia in opioid related deaths.

This is unacceptable and our community deserves better.

During my career as a drug & alcohol counselor, my colleagues and I worked tirelessly to make progress combating the opioid crisis. Despite inadequate funding and poor legislative representation related to the opioid crisis, my colleagues and I worked diligently in order to open the first outpatient clinic and a Medicated Assisted Treatment program. We started the first NA meetings, and the first cost free community educational class on addiction.

I know our solutions must be comprehensive to include public education, medical professionals, training of first responders and police officers with more treatment centers and resources available. Over 4,000 Pennsylvanians died of drug overdoses in 2016. That is an outrage that has gone on for far too long. We need funding for our rural communities, resources for inpatient and outpatient facilities, which often have long wait times and a limited number of beds. I support requiring insurance companies to cover addiction care. I support the training and use of Naloxone (NARCAN) by emergency personnel. I support drug courts which focus on a comprehensive long term recovery plan and I support prescription drug monitoring programs which should seek to limit patients who “doctor-shop”.


The average family income in the 12th District is lower than the national average. We can do better than that! I support the increase of minimum wage, no full time employee should live in poverty.

The 12th District is a vast mostly rural area built on hard work and industry. Unfortunately, we have been hit hard economically over the past 50 years affecting the availability of jobs that pay a living wage. Not only do we need to look at the opportunities available in order for us to flourish, but we also need to support & protect small businesses and industries that are currently essential to our community. The natural gas industry has provided jobs to many of the counties in the 12th district. However, best practices should be followed, but currently they are not.

I support exploring renewable clean energy, like wind and solar to provide additional jobs and alternative energy for our community. In addition, by expanding broadband internet and cell service more 12th residents with have access to quality job opportunities.


I’m a mother of 2 young boys and a prior substitute teacher. I believe our children are our biggest and most valuable investment. We must invest more into our public schools system to ensure all American children have access to Universal Pre-K classes, regardless of where they’re from. In our high schools, Vo-Tech and Apprenticeship Programs need to be more available. I support 2-year community college to be offered at no cost. Pursuing higher education should enhance, not hinder your future. To ensure our teachers are the best and brightest, I stand by & will protect our teacher’s unions.

I oppose vouchers and tax credits to be used for private schools. I would only allow federal funding to be used for charter/cyber schools IF these schools are held to the same standards as the public schools, which currently they are not.

I support student loan debt reform by allowing students to refinance their debt and loosening the way student loan debt is characterized by lenders.


We must protect our air and water by curbing methane emissions, strengthen casing and cementing standards for gas wells to prevent underground contamination and increase protections for wetlands and public parks. I support increased funding for environment protections, we can not continue the current decline in state & federal funding. I support exploring renewable clean energy like wind and solar, which will bring additional jobs into our community.

net neutrality

The ending of net neutrality destroys the internet as we know it. I support Congress repealing the recent FCC ruling. I support net neutrality by keeping the control of our online experiences in hands of our citizens, not corporations.

second amendment

We must protect our 2nd Amendment rights. I’m a gun owner. My family owns guns and many of them are hunters. Guns are not going anywhere. However, we do need to make sure guns don’t get into the wrong hands- our children’s hands, and the hands of those who want to use guns to harm innocent individuals. Most illegal guns are bought online or at gun shows, and I will work to close these loopholes and secure background checks.


I support worker’s rights and the right to collective bargaining. I believe in the importance of job stability and safety. This is what created a strong middle class that seems so out of reach for far too Americans. Because of Unions we have a 5-day work week, child labor laws and a standard 8-hour work day, providing benefits to the employee and their family.


I support our veterans and they deserve our utmost respect for the sacrifices they have made and their families have made for our country. Veterans should never have to worry about their healthcare needs. I do not support the privatization of the Veterans Administration (VA). We need to offer more services to our veterans to help assimilate them back into the workforce once they retire from our armed forces. We need to offer extended child care and more support to our their families. We must ensure our military spouses and children are supported by receiving quality education, jobs, and emotional support.


I support our seniors by opposing the healthcare age tax. It’s our duty to take care of the aging population with dignity. We should all be so lucky to live a long healthy life. I support increasing services to our seniors so they can choose to remain in their homes longer. If a senior chooses to enter a nursing home, I support their right to quality care and believe in oversight of nursing homes.


I support DACA and our Dreamers. The majority of dreamers pay taxes and are contributing to the Social Security Administration. I support a pathway to citizenship with comprehensive immigration reform, which audits our current visa process and strengthens border security without building walls.

police reform

I support the end of broken-window policing, which involves a focus on smaller offenses, such as spitting, jaywalking, disturbing the peace, bicycling on the sidewalk, and loitering, in the hopes of discovering more serious crimes. This type of policing leads to an increased fear and distrust of police officers within a community and has been proven to NOT reduce violent crime.

I believe that we also need to demilitarize the police. Local police should NOT have tanks, Americans should not be treated as criminals in a war zone. It’s also important to remove barriers for reporting police misconduct.

I support ending For-Profit Policing and support a re-vamp of the local police departments. We must demand cultural diversity trainings, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, non-violent de-escalation and minimizing the use of force. I would also propose ongoing trainings to help citizens with mental/behavior health issues involving substance use disorders, appropriate engagement with our youth and the LGBTQIA,  gender nonconforming.

Citizens United

I believe Citizens United should be overturned. This landmark case allowed corporations to donate to elections. I do not believe corporations should enjoy the protection of the first amendment. I support ending the right to contribute undisclosed money to campaigns and political candidates. The public has a right to know who is donating to our candidates and to help ensure our elections are fair and not bought by secret interests.

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